Why crossdressing products popular

Suitable for role-players or those who want to experience becoming women.

While many men who wear women are very happy with male characteristics, others prefer a soft, curved appearance. But not everyone has a feminine body contour or a hermaphrodite appearance, which can be a headache and a refreshing experience.

One solution is to explore online stores such as the kumiho Crossdressing Store, which offers custom silicone tights. This full body leotard has been carefully designed to create a realistic texture that instantly transforms the wearer into a slim fit with fake breasts, buttocks and even vagina.


There are also many female masks, which are breathable , can eat or hear through the hole just like your 2nd skin,you don't have to overdress to be beautiful.

And if you want to dress up as a man, you can do that too
Surprisingly, how far technology has developed, people can wear not only the opposite sex clothing, but also the skin. We no longer need to have Godlike makeup techniques or a weak appearance, because it can be completely transformed with just a few clicks.

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