The Most Exquisite Tips for Breast Forms Use


Breast forms, also known as prosthetic breasts or breast enhancers, are a versatile and effective solution for individuals seeking to enhance their bust size or regain a natural appearance post-mastectomy. Whether used for aesthetic purposes or as part of breast reconstruction, using breast forms properly is essential to achieving a comfortable and natural look. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to use breast forms correctly for the best results.

Breast Forms and Pocket bra for use with
Breast Forms and Pocket bra for use with

1. Selecting the Right Type

Before delving into the usage, it's crucial to select the appropriate type of breast forms for your needs. There are two main categories: silicone breast forms and foam breast forms. Silicone forms are more realistic in appearance and feel, mimicking natural breast tissue, while foam forms are lighter and more suitable for temporary use.

2. Choosing the Correct Size

Selecting the correct size is paramount to achieving a balanced and natural appearance. Many manufacturers provide sizing guidelines that correspond to your bra size and body measurements. Trying on different sizes and shapes can help you determine the most comfortable and flattering fit.

3. Preparing Your Skin

Before attaching breast forms, ensure your skin is clean and dry to promote proper adhesion. Avoid applying lotions or oils to the chest area before use, as they can interfere with the adhesive or affect the form's texture.

4. Adhesive Options

Silicone breast forms often come with adhesive backs to securely attach them to your chest. There are various adhesive options available:

Double-Sided Tape:

This is a non-permanent adhesive option that works well for occasional use.

Adhesive Pads or Strips:

These are more durable and can be reused multiple times before replacement.

Medical Adhesive:

Designed for long-term wear, medical adhesives offer a stronger bond and are ideal for daily use.

It's essential to read the manufacturer's guidelines on adhesive usage, as different products have specific instructions.

5. Applying the Breast Forms

Follow these steps to apply your breast forms correctly:

  • Start by cleaning your chest area and drying it thoroughly.
  • If using double-sided tape or adhesive pads, apply them to the breast form as per the instructions.
  • Position the breast forms over your natural breasts, aligning them properly with your bra and ensuring they sit comfortably.
  • Gently press the forms onto your chest to secure them in place.

6. Achieving a Natural Look

To achieve a natural appearance:

  • Choose breast forms that match your skin tone and breast shape.
  • Opt for forms with a realistic nipple and areola design.
  • Adjust your bra for proper support, ensuring the forms stay in place.
  • Experiment with different clothing styles to find outfits that complement your new silhouette.

7. Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning is crucial to maintain the longevity and hygiene of your breast forms:

  • Remove the forms before cleaning.
  • Clean them with mild soap and water using gentle circular motions.
  • Pat them dry with a clean towel before reapplying.

8. Removing the Breast Forms

When removing your breast forms:

  • Carefully peel off the adhesive.
  • Gently cleanse your skin to remove any adhesive residue.

9. Proper Storage

Proper storage helps prolong the life of your breast forms:

  • Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Store them flat or in their original packaging to maintain their shape.


Breast forms offer a versatile solution for individuals looking to enhance their bust appearance or regain their natural look after mastectomy. By selecting the right type and size, preparing your skin, using appropriate adhesives, and following proper application and care guidelines, you can achieve a comfortable, natural, and confident look. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific guidance on using and maintaining your chosen breast forms.

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