How to walk like a woman, elegant and charming?

Many times, the dynamic beauty of a woman is reflected in the female walking posture. However, in real life, some walking postures are not only inconspicuous, but also lack of etiquette and cultivation. Inside the eight characters and the outer eight characters; bending over the hunchback, squatting shoulders, hips, head extension; body swinging or shaking the head and shaking shoulders; step exaggeration and so on are all taboos for women to walk.
In the judgment of whether it is a beautiful woman, the appearance does occupy a certain proportion, but the good posture and beautiful behavior are also the standard of people's aesthetics. How to get out of the elegant and charming gait, and learn with KUMIHO.

Elegant gait, to move the foot with a belt, the center of gravity moves, with the waist as the center, the neck to be straight, the eyes to look flat, the lower jaw to inward, with a smile. The upper body is kept straight, the waist is closed, and the feet are parallel.
The knees are straight, the ankles are naturally raised, and the two knees touch each other. Relax your shoulders, and close your fingers. Our steps sometimes have different ways of expression depending on the dress and the occasion.
When walking, remember to stand upright, straighten your waist, look straight in both eyes, shoulders are not shaken, your arms naturally swing back and forth, your toes are slightly outward or forward, and the heels are in line when walking.
The walking posture is also extremely important. When walking, the toes are facing straight ahead, the heels are first landed, and the soles of the feet are followed by landing. When the baby walks, he must have abdomen and chest. Oh, the two arms swing naturally, and the pace is slow and appropriate, giving a dynamic and calm, calm and dynamic beauty.

The gait when we walk is beautiful and not beautiful. It is also determined by the distance between the two feet when walking and the position where the foot should be placed when the foot is landing.
1. The distance between the two feet when walking. The general standard for gait is that when the foot is taken out, the distance between the heel and the toe of the other foot is exactly equal to the length of the foot.
2. The position where the foot should be placed when the foot is landing. When walking, the knees and ankles should be flexible, and the shoulders should swing naturally and easily, so that they can walk in a certain pace, and they will appear natural and elegant.
High heel walking
When you put on the high heels of the tapered heel, you will feel the chest up, the abdomen contracted, the whole leg tilted backwards, the waist collapses obviously, the hips naturally lift, the calves become full, and the curves of the instep are rounded. The curvaceous beauty of women can be realized.
The gait essentials are heads up, chest, abdomen, upper body straight, visually in front, arms swinging naturally, and lightly stepped, enough to show the gentle, quiet and elegant beauty of women. The walking posture is very strange, there is no fixed mode, Fan Fan believes that as long as it is coordinated with the occasion, the scene and can express his own personality gait, it is beautiful.

However, the graceful posture of a woman is the same as that of a standing posture. It also requires training and training to be successful.

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