How to safely remove mascara?

There are still many CD who insist that even if they don't wear makeup, they should at least apply mascara because mascara can make both eyes look better. As a crossdresser, makeup is a natural thing. It is understandable to apply various cosmetics to the face every day. However, if the makeup remover is not thorough, the cosmetic residue will block the pores, and the consequences can be imagined.

Earlier reports said that many women every year due to electric eyelashes or false eyelashes, causing the syrup or glue to accidentally enter the eye, causing bacterial infection, corneal ulcer or keratitis.

In fact, the eyelashes should be thick and curly, and it is not necessary to use foreign objects. Instead, it is more important to pay attention to eyelash maintenance.

The small eyelashes on the upper and lower sides of the eye are usually like two curtains that are free to switch, protecting the eyes. It also prevents dust from falling into the eye while avoiding excessive light exposure. The eye is the window of the mind, and the eyelashes are the key to determining the appeal of makeup.

The mascara removal method needs to know that it takes three to four months for each eyelash to fall out before it is dropped. Therefore, the mascara must be carefully removed every night to prevent dirt from accumulating in the eyelash hair follicles and hinder the eyelashes. Growing, but the makeup remover must be gentle, as follows:

1. Wet the cotton pad, squeeze out the excess water, and then pour the special cleansing oil on the eye to cover the eyelashes.

2. After applying for 30 seconds to one minute, gently rub it from top to bottom, it is easy to remove the waterproof mascara.

3. If you still can't remove the waterproof mascara, don't rub it wildly, otherwise it will only break the eyelashes. Just wipe the cotton swab full of cleansing oil and gently wipe the mascara from the root of the eyelashes to the tip.

In addition to careful makeup removal, you can also apply the safe eyelash essence every morning and evening to increase the strength of the eyelashes. The situation is as regular hair care after we often burn the hair, and the eyelashes are often used by us. Also clip and rub, it should be more maintenance.

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