What type of eyebrows are suitable for different face types?

First, the understanding of the eyebrow

A lot of people seem to have a little bit of strangeness after the makeup is finished. It is very likely that the eyebrow shape is not the right choice. In fact, the shape of the eyebrow is very important for a person's face because It can be a very good modification, if the shape of our eyebrows is chosen correctly, it can make people look more spiritual.

And some girls with bigger faces are very upset when they are wearing makeup, because no matter how they paint, they will look very big. In fact, at this time, we must choose the eyebrow type suitable for big-faced girls, because there are some eyebrows that can be used to make a good modification. It can make our face look smaller, so when choosing the eyebrow type It is very skillful.

Second, the eyebrows suitable for round face
Many round-faced girls don't know what kind of eyebrows they are suitable for. In fact, there are many eyebrows for round-faced girls. For example, you can try a very simple eyebrow. In fact, whether it is a round-faced girl or a big-faced girl, you can try a word eyebrow, which can make you look more cute, and it will not appear to be a big face.
But if you want to make your eyebrows look more cute, it is also very particular when painting eyebrows. For example, don't draw your eyebrows very long, it will look very strange. And the eyebrows are not too thin, and the thicker eyebrows will look more beautiful, especially for some girls with round faces.

Third, the eyebrow suitable for the face of the melon
There are many eyebrows suitable for girls with goose face, because the goose face itself is a relatively standard face type, so girls with goose face can try the eyebrow of standard eyebrow. The standard eyebrows can make the face of a girl with a goose face look more beautiful, so if the girl with a goose face can make this eyebrow while makeup.

Fourth, the eyebrow suitable for square face
Many girls are particularly disgusted with the way their faces look, which is what we often call the Chinese character face. In fact, the girl of this face looks fierce, but if you choose the eyebrows that suit your face, you will let I seem to have more gas fields. The general square face girl is more suitable for eyebrows such eyebrows. This kind of eyebrow shape is relatively exaggerated, but the square face girl can control it very well.

If the girl with square face feels that it is not very good to raise the eyebrows, you can also try the eyebrows. Many people may think that the eyebrows are only suitable for boys. This is not the case. Sometimes the eyebrows are also suitable for some girls, especially those girls who look taller, so it won't look very strange. But when painting the eyebrows, try to draw longer, don't draw too short, it will be more beautiful.

Fifth, the eyebrow suitable for oval face
The girl's face or the inverted triangle type of girl gives people a very gentle feeling, so a girl like this face can try the arched eyebrows. The feeling of the arched eyebrows is always gentle and generous, and the shape of the arched eyebrows is also Very suitable for this type of face, can make this face type of girl look more refined. But be sure to draw when you paint your eyebrows, otherwise it will be very strange.

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