How does Crossdresser practice hips?

Every CD wants to have a firm, high-pitched, dynamic peach hip, regardless of age and gender. As long as your pursuit of beauty does not stop, then the pursuit of hips will never end, but in the end, find simple The practical and easy-to-hold method will make the dream of the hips not change.
Kumiho this article for your tailor-made hips six methods, adhere to practice for a month, you will gain a different feeling, a thousand miles, not a day's work, you can not practice hips, tomorrow you can endure the mess on the buttocks Swinging flesh, or can you endure the scornful gaze of the shopping guide in the store? So don't hesitate, if there is no place for the butt, wherever you go, you are wandering.
Remember: the following six methods, you can choose to carry out in any place, do not mind the thoughts of others, and later practice the hips, you will be very satisfied and very happy.
Action 1. We may all know the value of deep squats for the development of the buttocks, but the action is more stimulating than the squat, and the hips are more irritating. The starting position is slightly bent, and the opening is not too wide, after one leg, on the upper leg. Behind the show, pay attention to your body's center of gravity and rain, and the gravity line passes through the heel.
Action 2. Bow and arrow is important for tight thighs and buttocks, but kumiho needs to remind you warmly that the whole process of starting and moving the bow and arrow needs to put the center of gravity on the waist of the body through the buttocks, because this is needed. The most powerful, the best stimulation of the buttocks and thigh muscles.
Action 3. This action is one of my favorite hip exercises, the hip muscle group participates in the action, and the participation of other muscle groups is almost no. To do this, you need to move the side in the process of exercise. The angle of the thigh is the same. If you practice 30, you will feel the hips are having a fever.
Action 4. Squat - the most important point to note is the center of gravity. The center of gravity is closely related to your body posture. Only the knee flexion angle is not large, and the upper body is not flexed, which is the key to continuous stimulation of the buttocks.
Action 5. The action is only suitable for a little embarrassing, but in fact the effect is very good, the action pay attention to the toe lift effect is better, the angle of the knee joint transformation is not too large, mainly the hip joint changes, the center of gravity moved to the hip.
Action 6. you can simply watch TV and move, the main outreach leg angle is different from the impact of the opponent's buttocks muscles, pay attention to the change of angle.
Although the action is simple, it is very practical. You don't need to buy expensive equipment to occupy your house of tens of thousands of square meters. You don't need to go to the gym to waste your precious time. As a CD, each of us is looking for a more charming body. I believe everyone. Stick to it, you will have a good body and become a better CD.

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