How can crossdresser go out confidently?

Speaking of the culture of cross-dressing, now more and more people start to try this, but as they have not been exposed to it before, there is still a lot to learn in many places. Recently these days is a lot of people are beginning to ask how we want to disguise themselves, tense or nervous when you go to, I want to say, everyone thought that cross dressing is very simple, actually is not easy, want to dress up themselves more like girls or difficult, in addition to good makeup skills, still need a lot of costumes, the most the most core is the most important is to good state of mind.
1. make up is the first step we must do, but many times we all have the misconception that the thicker the better. But if you're paying attention, real girls rarely go out with too much makeup. Generally speaking with relaxed light makeup go out, and we also want to learn others, as far as possible do not use so thick dress up.
2. A wig is definitely required for cross-dressing (unless you have long hair of your own), and many people don't know what hairstyle to choose at first. In fact, our casual clothing words are mainly based on the appearance of qi bangs, as far as possible to cover the face more. I bangs not only can effectively block out a lot of parts, and wear convenient, wear more stable.
3. about the choice of clothes, if we really want to go out to play, do not choose too high heels. After all, you're not really a woman. Not only are you tired from wearing high heels, but you can easily break your feet. The match above the clothes also should pay attention to, cannot wear the clothes of one word collar, the man's shoulders are wider, the clothes of one word collar will show themselves more strong. And if we wear a round collar or a v-neck, it not only looks feminine but also looks more feminine.
Of course, if you have a really bad figure, we need to wear a shape wear inside, and the shape wear also has the effect of lifting the buttocks, try a silicone one-piece with fake breasts and vagina, they work great. Of course, this can only be worn in autumn and summer, and it can be very hot on hot days. If you want to go cross-dressing in the spring and summer, you need to get your body in shape.
4. finally is the psychological problem, since we are pretending to go out, the psychological must be a little burden. Some people are afraid of being known as a man, some people are afraid of being recognized by acquaintances. Therefore, the places we choose to go shopping are also particular. At the beginning, we should go as far as possible, so that you can relax more in a strange environment. If you are too nervous, it is easy to be seen that you are a fake girl. Therefore, your eyes should be as soft and natural as possible, and you should not shrink or lower your head in fear of being discovered by others. Be confident!
Of course, some people are also worried about their own walking posture, always afraid of others to see their rude walk. This is not to be taken for granted. Many girls walk or eat recklessly. There is no need to care about other people's opinions. Most people just think you are casual, and they will not think you are a man.
So those are some of the things to look out for when it comes to cross-dressing. It's not that hard to do as long as you do your homework. Once we take the first step, you will find that not so many people will pay attention to you, you are not a star, no one will stare at you. So get ready to go out and put on your beautiful clothes and go out and have fun.

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