Cross-dressing tips: how to be the perfect woman in drag

To change a man into a woman, there are two core parts, one is the head, the other is the body. The head basically relies on wig and makeup, wig is not said, this is simpler. Make up is also more complex, here I also say the part of the basic skills of makeup. Many CD cross-dressing people faces are not small and smart enough, which is quite different from real female faces. They lack a kind of comely and gentle beauty when dressing as a woman. For some cross-dressing sisters, a thin face can be an effective method, but it doesn't work overnight. In fact, as long as the right choice of all kinds of different face shape big face become small face method, through the cross dressing makeup skills, can immediately create a comely beautiful cross-dressing nifty.

Oval face makeup tips:

Oval face is the most ideal face shape, makeup should pay attention to maintain its natural shape, highlight its lovely, no need to change the face shape through makeup.

Rouge: should besmear is in buccal ministry zygomatic highest point, knead to go up to outside again.

Triangle face makeup tips:

Triangular face is narrower namely forehead ministry and two gills are big, appear on small below wide, the makeup secret of this kind of face wants to follow round face, square face is about the same.

Eyebrow: appropriate maintain original condition.

Rouge: wipe besmear by the direction outside eye end, can use deeper pink bottom to cover up to two gills.

Lips: slightly upturned lip Angle.

Hairdo: the hair with 7 to 3 come partial part, make forehead ministry looks wide. Add strength to the top with waves or curls.

Inverted triangle face makeup tips:

Its characteristic is on wide bottom point. The trick that man in drag learns when making up just is similar with triangular face, need decorates a part to be just the opposite.

Rouge: answer besmear is in zygomatic the most prominent place, knead outwardly upward after that.

Powdery bottom: the powdery bottom besmear that can use deeper tonal is too wide forehead two sides, and with paler powdery bottom daub is in two gills and chin place, create the effect that conceals upside, highlight bottom.

Long face makeup tips:

The person of long face, when making up, the effect that strives to achieve should be: increase facial width.

Rouge, should pay attention to a little farther from the nose, in the visual pull wide face.Rouge: it can be wiped outward and upward along the curve part formed by the highest part of cheekbone and the lower part of temple.

Round face makeup tips:

This face shape is lovely and it is not difficult to change it into an ideal oval shape.

Eyebrows: not straight and angular, but not too curved, should be natural arc and with a little bending.

Rouge: besmear law is from zygomatic outspread all the time inferior jaw ministry, can use shadow of dark pink bottom make it when necessary.

Lips: part of the upper lip forms a broad, shallow arch and is evenly applied to form a small round mouth.

Hairdo: with 6 than 4 scale will part head road best, can make the face does not appear so round so, both sides wants flat fu a bit, if have bang, must make some thicker, want to have wave.

Square face makeup tips:

Make up should pay attention to add soft feeling, in order to hide the square corners of the face. People with this type of face have prominent cheekbones on both sides. So try to hide it. Eyebrows: eyebrows should be slightly broad and slightly curved, not angular.

Rouge: might as well paint some plump. Use a dark foundation to change the contours of your face.

Hairstyle: the hair is 4, 6 minutes or medium part can, partial share, side hairstyle can cause unbalanced feeling.

Next should say bodily form part, the male is linear bodily form more, and female majority is curvy bodily form namely commonly say S model, want to change male linear bodily form into curvy S model can rely on equipment only cough up! Divided into three parts:

First of all, breast enlargement is the best way to have a full breast is to bring breast prosthesis. The best advantage of breast prosthesis is the use of silicone simulation technology, so most of the prosthesis is very realistic and realistic. Fake milk is divided into several levels (100-2000 dollars), according to their own economic situation to buy their own needs of fake boobs. There are some CD cross-dressers to do breast augmentation surgery, I suggest not to do, life is precious, in doing anything, safety issues should be kept in mind, in fact, any operation has a certain risk, breast augmentation surgery is no exception. What are the dangers of breast augmentation?

1. Hematoma. This kind of breast augmentation sequela incidence rate accounts for about 1%, the prevention method is to peel to grasp the exact level, do not deviate. The way to deal with the sequelae of breast augmentation is to remove the breast augmentation prosthesis, remove the blood clot, and put in the breast augmentation prosthesis after sufficient hemostasis.

2. Abnormal sensation. The after-effects of breast augmentation can include skin sensitivities, decrease or even disappear, sagging nipples, and poor or inability to get an erection. The method of prevention is to be familiar with the anatomical direction and distribution of nerves, and to peel gently.

3. silicon capsule prosthesis rupture. The way to prevent the sequela of breast augmentation is to examine the prosthesis carefully. The way to deal with the after-effects of breast augmentation is to remove the implant aseptically, remove the silicone gel, clean it up and re-implant the implant.

4. Capsular contracture and breast hardening. This kind of breast augmentation sequela prevention method: the operation is meticulous, reduce the injury; The stripping space should be large enough to reduce tension. The treatment of the sequelae of breast augmentation should be: the capsule wall is cut open under anesthesia, the prosthesis is removed, the capsule is completely excised, and the cavity is re-expanded and implanted.

5. Abnormal position. Methods to prevent the sequela of breast augmentation: preoperative line drawing should be symmetrical, dissection should be symmetrical, and upper limbs should be restricted for 2 weeks. The way to deal with the after-effects of breast augmentation is to remove the implant, re-peel it and re-implant it.

6. External exposure. Sequelae of breast augmentation are rare. Prevention: close suture layers.

7.the shape is not beautiful. This kind of breast augmentation sequela has a lot to do with the aesthetic of the doctor, so preoperative communication must be very good, choose a good plastic surgeon.

The second is the waist belt, the general CD cross-dressing people use the waist seal, the price is not expensive, a little better is the corset, the effect is slightly more expensive, but most CD waist is pretty good as long as the simple waist seal can be economical. I won't say much about it here.

Finally is the beautiful buttock, for most part of the body CD cross dressers have an error, is always hide gaff, moreover with duct tape to wrap tightly, I suggest that everyone don't do it, because it is bad to the body, most panties are tight, put little brother in the pressure the pressure it is ok to wear a little, not wearing panties and went out again, who put on a skirt look out, there is: because of the difference of male and female physiological structure, female hip and pelvis proportion is larger than men's, cause we want to be a beautiful buttock, also need to mat hip and buttock. Also have the businessman to be being sold now, sole cushion hip, sole cushion hip, cushion hip cushion one body all have, can undertake choosing according to oneself demand and economic circumstance. Some sisters like to use that kind to close abdomen to lift buttock pants, I feel not of much use, the man's lower abdomen is not very big, do not need to undertake completely close abdomen. Make the three point S shape out of it, plus the head of the wig and face makeup, put on their favorite clothes and skirts, who can tell you are a man.

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