Common noun interpretation


Crossdress means to dress up and look like the opposite sex.Among the cross-dressing people, men mainly wear women's clothes.


CD is Cross dresser.Not all people who engage in cross-dressing are cross-dressers.


TS is the abbreviation of TransSexual in English, which refers to those who do not identify with their own gender but want to change their gender.


TG is an acronym for TransGender. TransGender is an acronym for CD, TS, etc.


"TV" is a medical term for "TransVestite." now we use neutral CD instead


A gay is a man who is gay, also known as "gay", glass, BL (boy love).It's not directly related to CD.


LGBT is a collective term used to refer to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.There is also an I for intersexual.


In the 20th century, due to its origins and many environmental influences, it became another derogatory term for homosexuality.But in the 1980s, the term became widely used within the gay community.It refers to those who take a different stance on the expression of human rights from the traditional standard, but this person is not necessarily gay.


shemale means transgender. It refers to someone who looks like a woman and has female breasts, but still has male reproductive organs.


Cosplay is an abbreviation of costume play, a word coined by the Japanese.Cosplay means dressing up as characters from anime, video games, and even cross-dressing, but Cosplay is not the same as CD.

Drag queen:

A man dressed in drag performing at a nightclub.

What's the difference between CD and gay?

CD are actually mostly heterosexual men, and cross-dressing only expresses their feminine side.They still love women and many have happy families.

What's the difference between CD and TS?

The essential difference between CD and TS is that CD still wants to be a man, while TS thinks she was born of the wrong sex and wants to change her.Of course, it's not always easy to distinguish between individuals, because some people are somewhere in between psychologically.

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