Can a man be a sissy girl?

Recently, many people have discussed online that many boys are not masculine. I want to say that a man's masculinity does not lie in his looks, clothing, and his hobbies. It is his attitude and whether he has assumed the corresponding responsibilities. The pseudonym is a kind of hobby, they should not be laughed at by some unnecessary people. Even I think that a lot of false mothers are better at handling things than those called men. The masculinity is not in appearance, but the pseudonym can also be very man!

Both men and women have the right to wear a skirt, girls can wear men's clothing handsome, boys can still wear women's cute. For some boys, this is not a whim attempt, but an interest that starts from an early age. Many come from the kind of love that parents like to dress up and congenital. Anyone who loves beauty can like it or not? All this is because I like it, what is wrong?

Just like I like to go shopping with friends with fake breast It feels really good. I will buy other types of silicone breast.

Everyone has something they like, can't they? Everyone will have their own little shackles, just a style of dressing and words and deeds, just like a part of a masculine part of a girl. Boys like small skirts and cosmetics, do things softly and whisper, and girls cut short hair, like loose and handsome sportswear overalls, fighting and playing basketball are very powerful, although a few, but should be respected.

Maybe our hobbies are different, but please give everyone respect - after all, all of us, in fact, nothing is fundamentally different!

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