As a CD, what life habits should we have?

A large part of CD beauty is cultivated. If you want to be a transvestite, you have to work hard for a long time. If you are determined to be a veteran beautiful transvestite beauty, enjoy the joy of a beautiful men's dress. From now on, we have to live like a senior CD.
1.Keep a good attitude
Everyday, you should pay attention to remind yourself to maintain an optimistic and calm mood and make yourself happy so that you can not wrinkle and look more beautiful.
2. Control appetite
Be sure to control your appetite. You can't eat enough every meal, then exercise more, and control your weight to the same level of women, which is also very helpful for your health.
3. Exercise
Persevere in 30 minutes of exercise every day to maintain a flexible body shape. It is necessary to keep the straight back, the neck and the lower abdomen habitually. Slowly, you can have the curve of the front and back of the beauty, and the temperament will be greatly improved.
4. Expand beauty knowledge
In your spare time, read the beauty publications and learn about various cosmetics and beauty techniques. If you have the conditions, you should go to a beauty class to do a professional training. A veteran CD dressing enthusiast should be a semi-professional beautician.
5. Practice female voices
It is necessary to persist in training female voices for a long time to experience female emotions.
6. Make more friends
It's helpful to make a few dress up sisters or to understand your female beautician friends, build your own circle of friends, and then study together for makeup. It's helpful for your makeup skills and tastes. If you have the opportunity, go to some dress up party.
If you are really a person who loves CD dressing, I believe that it is not difficult to do the above, but remember to stick!

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